Minimal Intervention

Minimal Intervention (MI) dentistry uses the very latest dental materials, products and techniques to keep your teeth and gums healthy for life, minimising the need for invasive and potentially expensive treatments.

Prevention is better than cure

We work to identify any factors that could place your dental health at risk, and to reduce the daily damage occurring to your teeth and gums. The very best oral health advice, the most up-to-date dental knowledge, and the latest tests and products will then help you maintain healthy teeth and gums for life.

We aim to stop problems before they start, at any age. Children and young people can particularly benefit as it’s important to establish good dental hygiene habits as early as possible to prevent the need for treatment in the future.

This approach can benefit everyone; tests on the acidity of your saliva and dental plaque can help to assess your risk of future problems; non-intrusive air abrasion techniques are now, in the right circumstances, replacing the dentist’s drill; and sealants and varnishes can be painted on to help prevent cavities in teeth. While advice and regular professional tooth cleaning will guard against tooth decay, any restorative treatment to a tooth, such as a filling or crown, could weaken it and cause problems later on, which is why MI is the best approach to take.

We can also help you save money

By maintaining a healthy mouth and visiting us regularly, you will reduce the likelihood of needing more expensive, complex dental treatments or emergency patch-ups throughout your life.

Budgeting for your dental care with a payment plan such as Denplan, will encourage you to attend your dentist regularly, making sure that you get the dental care and advice you need to prioritise your oral health.